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Studies on psychotherapy effectiveness show that about 75% of people who enter treatment show benefits, and the benefits are long lasting.

Psychotherapy and medication show similarly good results, but psychotherapy is better over the long run. Psychotherapy prevents relapse better than medication therapy when therapy is discontinued, and psychotherapy has few, if any, side effects.
Verbalizing an emotion helps to suppress the areas of the brain that produce emotional pain.

Nurturing relationships, such as those found with a psychologist, can rewrite the neural scripts from childhood.

Preparing your mind for behavior change increases the likelihood that change will occur.

People who intentionally perform acts of kindness tend to experience significant increases in well being.

Listing 5 things a day that you're grateful for can help you feel better.

Most people know that regular exercise improves physical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure,
and high cholesterol. But did you know regular exercise also combats depression, anxiety, and boosts
higher-level thinking?

Exercise breaks down the hormones and other chemicals that build up in the body as a result of stress.

Being active leads to: less stress and anxiety, improved mood, improved sleep, and better self-image.

Poor fitness accounts for approximately 15% of deaths and even moderate fitness can increase lifespan by several years.

Older adults who exercise regularly, avoid smoking, and remain socially active are more likely to maintain their
cognitive skills through their 70s and 80s.

Several studies show that exercise improves brain performance, including faster information processing,
sound decision making, and improved concentration and memory.
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